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Collagen Protein + Savory Smoothie Recipe

I am a big fan of collagen protein and incorporate it daily, like in my smoothie bowls, matcha lattes, soups, etc. It's awesome. I also recommend it to many of my clients to promote healthy hair, skin, nails and joints as well as to help heal the gut! 

If you want to learn more about all the health benefits of collagen powder plus how to use it, check out my post on Hello Glow

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3-Day Detox

Off the back of an indulgent holiday season, many of us feel the the urge to purge in January to get our asses back in gear after being pretty slack for a few weeks (or months)! My gentle 3-day cleanse is the perfect antidote to all that cheese, pie, and champagne from all those holiday parties. I say 'gentle' because there is nothing extreme or restrictive about this cleanse plan. You're eating real food the entire time so no need to worry about feeling deprived or starving. Since it's winter for us here in the Northern Hemisphere, I've designed all of the recipes to be warm and comforting. You'll be having winter-inspired smoothies or porridge for breakfast, Ayurvedic kitchari for lunch and cozy veggie-based soups for dinner. In addition to the yummy recipes, I also put together a list of stress-relieving practices so you can feel lighter, happier and more refreshed after you've finished! All the info for the 3-day cleanse is over at Hello Glow. Click the button below to be taken there. 

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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Collection

In time for Thanksgiving next week, I've curated a collection of gluten- and dairy-free recipes from the blogosphere to give you some healthy cooking inspo! Whether you're in charge of the family T-giving meal or needing to bring a dish to a Friendsgiving potluck party, hopefully you can find a recipe here that will fit the bill. I bet no one even notices how healthy they are! 

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Crock Pot Roast with Garlic Cauliflower Mash

Who doesn't love a crock pot meal in the winter? How good is a "chuck everything in and walk away" dinner? It's freakin awesome is what it is. This crock pot roast is as quick and easy as they come. It literally takes 2 minutes to prep, which you can easily squeeze into your morning before racing out the door. The cauli mash isn't too difficult or time-intensive either, apart from the 25-ish minutes it takes to roast in the oven. But, again, you're able to pop it in and walk away. Then you just have to whizz it in the food processor and you're ready to serve! If you're like me and feel a meal is incomplete without something green, you can saute up some spinach super quick or steam some kale, chard, or beet greens (pictured here). Recipe for this simplicious weeknight meal comin'atcha.....

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Superfood Hot Chocolate

Ok team, I've got a warming, sweet-tooth satisfying, anti-inflammatory and deeeelicious recipe for you today.....SUPERFOOD HOT CHOCOLATE! This is a recipe I make often in the winter, either as a mid-morning pick-me-up or an after-lunch treat. It's chock full of superfood nutrients and is home run for satisfying sugar cravings. 

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Indian Dal Comfort Food

This stuff is straight Sunday night comfort food. Not mac n' cheese, not pizza, not take-out sushi....Nope, I want mushy, creamy, Indian-spicy dal. For my dal, I use split yellow mung beans. I've already expressed my love of mung beans here. But these are special mung beans. These have had their green husks taken off which removes the gaseous content of the bean making it much easier to digest. Without a husk to keep each bean intact during cooking, they all turn to mush. Mmmm.. So split yellow mung beans are the perfect food for babies/the elderly, as well as for healing the gut and cleansing your digestive tract.

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Autumn Paleo Porridge

I love a nice warm bowl o' oats for my brekkie in the Fall. Oats make for a satisfying and cheap breakfast while doing great things for your heart and digestive health. Some people can't or choose not to eat grains as perhaps they have an autoimmune disease, or they're following a Candida diet or Paleo / Primal eating approach. For my grain-free folks - guess what? Grain free doesn't have to mean porridge-free! By swapping out the oats for apple and coconut, you can achieve a porridge-like consistency. I wanted to give this bowl an Autumn spin so I added in butternut squash puree, ginger and some turmeric for all it's immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory goodness. The result is a rich, creamy, satisfying, grain-free, Paleo porridge that should definitely make it on your breakfast rotation this season.

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Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Spiced Millet

This dish has Fall written all over it. Eating a stew that's been simmering all day in the crock pot on a chilly night - that's what I look forward to as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. To make this dish, you don't have to have a tagine. In case you're wondering, a tagine is a conical shaped pot with a wide, shallow base and a tall lid fitting snugly inside. As the food cooks, steam rises into the cone, condenses, and then trickles down the sides back into the dish. Ideal for stews and, of course, tagines. It's cool to have if you want to wow your dinner guests, but realistically I don't have enough room in my kitchen cupboards. So a dutch oven, or a crock pot, will serve the same purpose and you probably already have at least one of those. I've outlined two different ways you can make this dish depending on time constraints and equipment you own. You can serve the lamb with spiced millet (recipe below) or, for a Paleo-friendly version, serve with cauliflower rice. 

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What is the Paleo Diet? + Sweet Potato Cookie Recipe

I'm sure y'all have heard of the Paleo diet by now. It seems to be the latest health trend / buzzword. You may be wondering, though, what actually does the Paleo, or caveman, diet entail... I get asked this question a lot so I thought I'd write what I know about it and also hook you up with a delicious and Paleo-friendly cookie recipe in case you want to jump on board the caveman train. 

In a nutshell, the Paleo diet is about eating in a manner similar to how our caveman ancestors did before the agricultural revolution. This means eating unprocessed meat, saturated fats (from animals, avocados, coconuts, etc.), non-starchy veggies, nuts/seeds, eggs, and a little low-sugar fruit. It also means eliminating any food that arrived since farming and processing began, about 10,000 years ago -- stuff like grains, legumes, dairy, vegetable oil, etc. 

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Buffalo and Sweet Potato Chili

Ok guys, here I am delivering on my promise from last week. If you're thinking of giving the Two Week Red Meat Experiment a try, this is the perfect dish to make on Sunday for a week's worth of no hassle red meat lunches. Portion it out into mason jars and bring one to work with you each day. Too easy! Even if you aren't doing the Experiment, this recipe is sure to please! I'm on a bit of a chili-making kick at the moment and this one is by far the best from my repertoire. Hearty, protein-y, spicy and moreish -- what more could you want from a winter lunch? It will get you through your afternoon without thoughts of chips or chocolate (I can pretty much promise). I'd definitely recommend doing one of the two creamy-add-ons, as well as garnishing with a healthy handful of cilantro to get some green into your midday meal.

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter + Immunity Soup Recipe

I don't know about you guys but I think the flu shot is whack. I used to get it every year when I was younger but I've read some articles recently which suggest that it's actually not even that great at preventing the flu. In fact, a study at the University of Minnesota found that receiving a flu shot for one strain my contribute to a higher risk of contraction and severity from the flu of a different strain the following year. Additionally, I don't like the toxins that are in the vaccine. For example, Fluzone contains formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. Yuck! No, thank you. 

I am not trying to persuade you one way or another, just merely informing you of some of the risks associated with the flu vaccine, and giving you ways to boost your immunity during flu season with alternative methods! So let's get to it, shall we? 

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Living and Eating Seasonally + Winter Veggie Soup Recipe

Do you feel cold and dried out in winter?  Puffy and congested in spring?  Overheated and lethargic in summer? If so, listen up!

As I have mentioned before, Ayurveda is all about living in harmony with nature.  When we live our lives attuned to nature's rhythms and cycles, there are profound benefits for our health and sense of well being.


Because our internal landscape mirrors Mother Nature's.  This is where paying attention to seasonality becomes important.

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Rhubarb and Oat Porridge

Usually rhubarb is inextricable from sugar. Because of it's strong, tart taste, most people try to balance, or mask, this taste with sweetness in the form of white sugar (gasp!), or other sugar alternatives such as honey or maple syrup, when making jams or cooking pies and other desserts. I personally love the tart taste and don't find that this recipe needs sugaring of any kind.  See how you go.  You can also add a little upon serving, if you feel so inclined.

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'Shroom Soup

I try to get to the farmer's market every Saturday morning.  There is this guy there whose stall is always piled high with all these crazy looking mushrooms.  I usually saunter over and have a bit of a gas bag, for no other reason than the fact that I like to tick the box on getting some face time in with the Fungi Man.  I often walk away with maybe a handful of white buttons or perhaps some Swiss browns, without delving too far into the array of exotics he has on offer.  This was primarily because I had no idea what to do with them...until it dawned on me that I could chuck them in a soup and not have to worry about the optimal cooking method for each variety.  So, this past Saturday I got Mr. Mushroom to pack me a brown bag full of a little bit of everything and thus spawned this creamy and delicious mushroom soup.

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Winter Remedies + Quinoa Breakfast Bake

Whether you're a snow bunny or a sun worshiper, we all feel the effects of the cold, heavy, damp, cloudy weather during winter in our bodies and minds.  We spend less time outside getting sun on our skin and more time curled up under blankets in hibernation mode.  This is completely natural considering the days are shorter and everything in winter slows down, including our bodies.  As a particularly cold and dry person myself, I have to take extra care in winter to avoid further aggravation of these qualities and maintain my health.  Even if you find that your body responds well to the colder temps outside, everyone can benefit from keeping an eye on these qualities to prevent colds, flu, sore throats, congestion, and other respiratory problems.  The key to health in winter is ensuring the body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems are working efficiently.  If you’re feeling a little less-than-awesome, try one or some of these winter remedies:

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