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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Collection

In time for Thanksgiving next week, I've curated a collection of gluten- and dairy-free recipes from the blogosphere to give you some healthy cooking inspo! Whether you're in charge of the family T-giving meal or needing to bring a dish to a Friendsgiving potluck party, hopefully you can find a recipe here that will fit the bill. I bet no one even notices how healthy they are! 

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Steak Salad with Ginger-Wasabi Dressing

One of the first principles I teach my clients is to make lunch the biggest, most nutrient dense meal of the day as the digestive system works most efficiently between 10am - 2pm. With lunch being the main meal, that means dinner should be small and light because your digestion is weaker in the evening. You could do a soup or stew in the autumn and winter and a salad in the spring and summer. This nutrient-dense steak salad is a great option for a light weeknight dinner. You'll feel full from the protein, healthy fat and fiber while keeping the calories pretty low at around 400. Plus it's totally delicious and satisfying!  

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