Healthy Living in Sydney - Part 1

View of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the ferry to Manly (photo cred: India Morish)

View of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the ferry to Manly (photo cred: India Morish)

As my time living in Sydney has come to a close, the nostalgia has already set in for my last four years there. Sydney really is a one-of-a-kind city and I will miss it, along with all my gorgeous family and friends, immensely.  I could easily launch into a full tribute to Sydney giving it a massive plug for anyone who hasn't yet been here, but instead my intention for this three-part series is to highlight how this stunning harbour city makes it so easy to live healthfully.  

Sydney's comfortable, temperate climate (warm summers and mild winters) makes it very conducive to spending a lot of time outside. There are tons of outdoor cafes/restaurants/bars, endless beaches and parks, and a plethora of farmers markets to provide fresh, local produce all year round.  In general, Sydney is a pretty progressive and health-conscious city...particularly in my neck of the woods.  While there is no doubt most everyone enjoys a cold beer on a summer's day, usually (s)he earned it in some way, whether it was a morning surf, soft sand run, ocean swim, paddle board, bike ride, the list goes on.  I think the fact that we all have to be in a swim suit three quarters of the year definitely provides a bit of motivation for staying fit and healthy!  

I have absolutely loved calling Sydney my home over the past few years and I hope to share some of that love with you here. I have put together many of the places I would frequent and things I would do that keep me nourished, grounded, happy and well. My lists are not comprehensive for the city as a whole.  I lived in the Eastern Suburbs for the past four years so these lists suggest spots to go and activities to do around that general area. 

Whole Foods Cafes 

Perfect Circle Salad at Egg of the Universe

Perfect Circle Salad at Egg of the Universe

Here is a list of cafes that I highly recommend. Their various approaches to food are similar to mine in that they have respect for quality ingredients as well as the land that supported their growth.  All emphasize fresh, local, seasonal, and sustainable whole foods and cater to dietary requirements (i..e gluten free).  I highlight below the ones that are entirely organic. 

Open for breakfast and lunch - check individual website for opening times / days. 



Bondi Junction 


Potts Point  

Surry Hills  






My Five Faves: 

Bread and Circus breaky!

Bread and Circus breaky!

  1. Bread and Circus for their incredible breakfast - the lemony caramelized banana pancakes are from another world
  2. Egg of the Universe for their serene patio setting and beautiful food presentation - I love their perfect circle salad 
  3. Bondi Wholefoods for their superfood summer bircher bowl 
  4. Kitchen by Mike for their daily changing menu and inevitable queue ;) 
  5. Earth to Table for their a-m-a-z-i-n-g vegan desserts.  The caramel cheesecake is to die!

Don't need food, just feel like a juice? Try: 


Stay tuned for Part 2 next week to find out where you can pick up the the freshest organic produce and other pantry staples!

x Steph 

P.s. Any cafes I've missed that need a shout out? 

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