Healthy Living in Sydney - Part 2

Shot from my favorite organic product stand at Eveleigh Markets - Kurrawong Organics 

Shot from my favorite organic product stand at Eveleigh Markets - Kurrawong Organics 

Following from last week's post which gave you the run down of all my favorite whole foods cafes in Sydney, this week gives you all the info on local farmers markets and health food stores.  

If you live in Sydney, or plan on setting up shop for a little while, it's essential that you know where to get the freshest produce, as well as where the nearest bulk bins are so you can get your daily dose of organic dark chocolate macadamia nuts.  Or maybe that's just me... 

Farmers Markets and Health Food Stores 

Farmers Markets 

There are lots of fantastic farmers markets all over Sydney offering local and seasonal (and a good percentage of organic) produce plus all kinds of other culinary delights. Here are my picks: 

Eveleigh is my go-to as it's the biggest of this bunch and it's undercover so you can go when it's raining! This market provides a handful of wonderful organic growers stalls to choose from - the first one when you walk in is my favorite!  Additionally, there are quite a few farmers selling organic and pasture-raised meat and eggs so it's really a one-stop-shop. Towards the back of the market, there are lots of stalls selling all sorts of beautiful dips, granola/mueslis, cupcakes, teas, etc. To the side, there are tables and chairs where you can sit and enjoy a coffee and a Billy Kwong specialty (think steamed savoury pancakes with veggies) in the sun.  How divine!  


Health Food Stores 

For whatever produce items I can't find at the farmers market, I head to the nearest health food store to collect plus to get any other groceries I need at the time.  [Aside: I have a quiet adoration of health food stores - I just love trawling the clean and tidy aisles admiring all the goodies on offer and wishing I could buy everything! Anyone else feel this way?!] Not all of the stores listed below sell fruit and veg, so I have highlighted those which stock produce in addition to dry goods.  


Bondi Junction  



Potts Point





About Life Natural Marketplace and the Health Emporium are the largest and have the most extensive selection of groceries. The Health Emporium is my favorite on this list, however I did the majority of my pantry-staple-purchasing at Whole Foods House on Queen St in Woollahra.  It's more expensive but oh-so convenient! 

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week with my favorite exercise activities to inspire you to get outdoors and move your butt!

x Steph 

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