Top 5 Travel Essentials

In one week, I am off on my Asian adventure! I could not be more excited...and frantic. Not only am I packing up my 4-year life here in Australia to move to the U.S., but also I'm preparing to go on a 3 + month excursion around the eastern hemisphere. Yew!!

I will be pin-balling around Asia to 6 different countries before arriving in my final destination of Denver, Colorado.  My itinerary includes a whopping 15 flights and quite a few punishing lay-overs. I give the full run down of my trip here

As I mentioned in my previous post, the international standard of free baggage per person is a very stingy 20 kg (44 lbs), total including all carry-on baggage.   Whaaaaaat? That ain't much when you're a girl who likes her comforts :) Anyway, I am prepared to wash my undies in the sink, rock the woolen garments (wool doesn't get stinky) and hide under a hat every day to conceal my greasy hair.  

I'm not too worried about the sub-par hygiene and daggy outfits.  My main concern when traveling is eating clean and protecting my immune system.  Schlepping around makes us more susceptible to stress, junky food, late nights, dirty air, jet lag and germs, which is why it is super important to ramp up your self-care efforts and protect your health with my travel tips.  

Here are five of my favorite (lightweight!) travel essentials that help me (and hopefully you!) stay healthy on the road and in the air.  

Top 5 Travel Essentials: 

1. Superfood greens powder - these are easily added to water or juice in-flight, and/or a great way to start the morning

2. Eye mask and ear plugs - get a great night's sleep on a plane, train, bus, hotel room, or, in my case, tea house

3. Yoga mat - travel-sized exercise tool to prevent body aches, reduce stress and center your mind

4. Chia, flax and hemp seed one serve packs - for sprinkling on anything to ramp up the protein and healthy fats

5. Roam Wellness Pack - how to stay on track with supplements and keep them condensed into one small spot

Supplements in my pack: 

  • Digestive Enzymes - these support and balance digestion when taken with meals
  • Probiotics - keep your good (intestinal) bugs well fed
  • Magnesium oxide - the irregular schedule and changing time zones can make some of us, erm, irregular so have this on hand for a good flush out  


If I am not back on the intrawebs for a little while, then I'm wishing you a very happy Christmas and New Years!!

I'd love for you to stay in touch - you can find me hanging out on Instagram @sattvaspace :) 

Lots of love, 

Steph x


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