I'm Going on a Trip!

....but not just a quick jaunt like the other trips I have done over the past few years.  I'm talking a proper break.  And then I am relocating to another continent.  So really, it's more than just a trip! 

I have lived in Sydney for a little over four years now.  I have absolutely loved getting to know this stunning harbour city in which I was born and, more importantly, getting so much closer with the amazing family and friends I have here.  

Sydney (and Australia in general) has always been very dear to my heart.  That will never change. I will forever treasure all the incredible experiences and opportunities I had here and all the amazing people I got to spend time with along the way.  But, it's time for me to make a change.

I've always loved exerting a bit of independence and moving halfway around the world four years ago took a lot of trust and courage.  I am ready to put those traits into action again with another leap of faith.  This time with a big trip to Asia...on my own...and followed by a move to Colorado.  I am a big bubbling pot of emotions about it all - I'm happy, sad, excited, overwhelmed, etc. - but I know it will be OK, just as it always is. Change is a scary thing (for most of us) but without change, there is no growth.  And I am on board the personal growth train at the moment!  

I recently submitted my resignation at my job and am now full steam ahead with trip planning and life admin sorting!  It's unbelievable how many things there are to deal with when you're moving countries, especially when you're adding in a 3 month holiday intermission! I won't bore you with the logistical nightmare-ish details, but let me have you know, there are A LOT! 

So, where am I going for my anxiously-awaited recess? 

First stop is Sri Lanka.  I'll be here for a week, cruising around to different spots in the southern half of the island.  I fly in to Colombo and head down to the idyllic southern beaches to swim, surf, soak up some rays, sip on coconuts and just generally have a grand ol' time.  From there, moving north to Ella which is a tea growing region and where I plan to do some lovely hilly walks through plantations and just chill out.  After Ella, I will make my way to Kandy to get my culture on, visiting temples and checking out Buddhist artifacts, before heading back to Colombo to fly to Coimbatore, India.  I will spent a month in India at an Ayurvedic resort called Vaidyagrama doing a full panchakarma treatment program.  I am doing this for my own health and healing, as well as using it as an opportunity to further my knowledge of Ayurveda, which is what I have been studying for the past year.  After I am well and truly detoxed, I am off to Thailand for my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. The training is being held on the island of Koh Phangan which I have been to before for a Full Moon Party. Thankfully the resort is far enough away that if there is a Full Moon Party while we are there, we will be shielded from the mayhem!  As a certified yoga teacher, I will proceed to Nepal where I will be trekking to Everest Base Camp which takes a little over 2 weeks.  Since I'm so close, I have tacked on to the itinerary a week in Bhutan as I have heard countless rave reviews about this mystical land, most notably one report describing it as one of the last Shangri-Las of the world.  Having soaked up as much of the people, landscape, art and religion as I can in one week, I will then venture to the town of Ubud in central Bali.  Ubud is another proclaimed paradise set amongst the rainforest and rice paddles and one of Bali's major arts and culture centres.  Here I plan to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge for about a week before proceeding to my final destination of Denver! Luckily, I have some amazing friends there who can soften my landing and subsequent assimilation back into the 'real world.'

When do I leave Sydney and when do I get to Denver? 

I am departing Sydney on the 23rd December and spending Christmas with my family in Adelaide.  I fly to Colombo on the evening of the 26th and arrive in Denver on April 8th. 

Who sorted out my flights? 

Not me! Too hard basket. I outsourced to the wonderful people at AirTreks who seamlessly sorted my entire journey for me with grace and ease.  No stress or hassle on my end! Highly recommend using them if you have an around the world adventure coming up :) 

Who am I meeting along the way? 

I am meeting my friend Jenni (hi Jen, if you're reading) in Colombo and we are tourist-trailing around together for the week.  I am meeting my mum (g'day Sus!) in Nepal and she is finishing out the itinerary before "dropping" me in Denver and heading on back to RVA. 

How am I going to stay clean, green and healthy? 

Firstly, I am going to follow the suggestions I made in this post to a tee.  And secondly, I am going to pack as much healthy dried goods as I can without a.) getting pulled up at Customs & Immigration or b.) going over the very stingy 44 lbs international standard of free baggage per person.  Stay tuned for more on packing and travel essentials next week! 

What am I going to do in Denver? 

Dunno! But I assure you I will be overflowing with passion, knowledge and inspiration to get something up and running in the world of health and wellness! Not to mention, I'll have some fire under my butt to quickly start chipping away at some of this rapidly accumulating travel debt!! 

Am I going to keep Sattva Space going? 

Yes!  My intention is to absolutely keep posting updates whenever I can!  The nature of the countries I am visiting, however, may make it a bit difficult for the posts to be regular.  I hope you can bear with me if they are short and/or sporadic but I would love it if you stayed tuned while I am away.  No doubt I will be bursting with content for posts as soon as I get back!  If you don't already, follow me on Instagram @sattvaspace as I imagine mobile image updates will be more feasible and reliable.  For those of you regular readers, thank you SO so much for your support thus far.  I really appreciate all the enthusiasm and encouragement and feel very grateful!!! 

Until next time!

Steph x


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