Preconception Prep Podcast


Babies on the brain? If so, you might like to consider thinking about preparing your body prior to trying to conceive. Optimizing your health and nutrient status is the first step in supporting your fertility, preparing the womb for baby’s nine months in utero, childbirth, and your postpartum recovery. The goal of preconception nutrition is to build up optimal macro- and micro-nutrient nourishment before pregnancy. Why before? Because lots of the key components of your baby’s brain are built before you even know for sure that you are pregnant so being as healthy, vibrant and well-nourished as possible before you conceive is crucial.

If this is interesting to you, I invite you to head over to YouTube or iTunes to listen to the chat I had with Clara and Kylee on the Love Rising Podcast - episode 72! You’ll get all my recommendations for when to start preconception prep, when to get off the hormonal birth control, how to track your cycle, as well as my comprehensive Preconception Prep Plan which includes how to:

  • eat a fertility-boosting diet

  • pick the best prenatal supplement

  • balance your hormones

  • reduce your body burden and enhance detoxification

  • heal and support your microbiome

  • dial in lifestyle factors to make space for a baby in your life

We also talk briefly about male fertility and what your partner can be doing to support sperm health!

Hope you enjoy! Click the link below to be taken to iTunes.

P.s. If you’re here, you’re likely interested in optimizing your fertility. In addition to tuning into the podcast episode, I encourage you to check out my Hormone Balancing Guide & Cookbook. This ebook was created to guide and support women who are seeking to balance their hormones, regulate their menstrual cycles and boost their fertility. It gives you the information and tools you need to align your lifestyle in a way that nourishes your hormonal system, and provides you with 32 simple and delicious hormone-balancing recipes to make that happen!