Probiotics for Women's Health

Hi there! 

I wanted to share a recent eBook I wrote for BINTO on probiotic supplements for women's general and reproductive health. If you're a guy reading this, please pass on to the ladies in your life! If you're a woman, this eBook is a worth a read....if I do say so myself :)

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I'm a big fan of doing everything we can to support our gut health for our overall health. I've written about this topic here and here if you'd like to refresh your memory! When the founder of BINTO, Suzie Welsh, reached out to me to write an eBook specifically on probiotic supplements for women's health, I happily obliged as I believe it is crucial to address gut health as part of fertility and preconception care! 

In case you're wondering, BINTO is a customized subscription service for women that connects them with the products they need for menstrual and fertility support. Basically, a lovely package gets delivered to your doorstep every month with 3-5 products that are tailored specifically to your womanly needs - things like prenatal vitamins, toxin-free pads/tampons, pregnancy tests and, of course, a women's daily probiotic supplement! How great is that?!

If you're interested to learn more about the health of your gut as it relates to the health of your reproductive system, jump on over to and grab your FREE eBook! Link below.