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How to Turbo-Charge your Smoothie

So you’ve warmed up to the idea of adding greens into your smoothies, but then you think, ‘what’s next?’  Enter superfoods and other nutrition boosters! It can be overwhelming perusing the aisles of the health food store and not knowing what’s what with all those potions and powders, some of which you may have heard of but know neither their health benefits nor their taste! Let’s break it down.

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Creamy Avocado and Cacao Smoothie

This is a smoothie I made on the weekend and put up for all my (50! Getting there...slowly but surely!) 'gram followers.  I love experimenting with smoothie ingredients, and Saturday and Sunday mornings are really my only time as it can take a couple of blends to get the right combo.  My kitchen cupboard is seriously overflowing with superfoods - every time I read about a  new one I have to buy it - so it's just a matter of pairing the right ones together so that the end result doesn't turn into some revolting shade of green-y brown.  This one is a winner.

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