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What to Eat Before & After Exercise

We've all heard it....abs are made in the kitchen. And I tend to agree! I always say that you can't out-exercise a bad diet. No matter how active you are or how tough your workout is, if you're eating junk, you won't get the results (lose fat / gain muscle) you're looking for. Or at least not as quickly as if your pre- and post-workout nutrition was on point. Whether you're a morning, lunchtime or evening exerciser, I've got your healthy snack and meal needs covered in this post! I even discuss 'fasted exercise' (aka working out on an empty stomach) which is gaining popularity in IF (intermittent fasting) crowds. It's over on Hello Glow -- click the button below! 

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Energy- and Metabolism-Boosting Smoothie

Now that it's Spring, I'm back on the smoothie train. Smoothies can be a great choice for adding to your breakfast meal rotation, or you can make them smaller to have as a snack. I've been enjoying this delicious blueberry coconut concoction pre- or post-workout. It's well balanced with healthy fat, protein and carbs plus it's simple and easy to make! 

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Rise. Sip. Shit. Move. that order!

I've had to do some fine tuning, but I think I have come up with a winning formula for achieving the above.  Rise, Sip, Shit, Move.

A bit vulgar, yes. But that's kinda how I roll.

As you may know, I am studying Ayurveda which is the traditional system of healing in India and is concerned with how to live your life in harmony with nature.  When you have a daily routine that supports nature's rhythms and cycles, you feel good, and you build up your resistance to disease.  How you start your day is crucial to a healthy daily routine.

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