Want to learn about self-love?

Clara on her epic world travels! 

Clara on her epic world travels! 


My amazing friend and fellow health activist, Clara Wisner of revolutionary lifestyle, is currently traveling around the world on an epic adventure. You might know Clara from the Love Rising podcast which I was on a few weeks ago chatting about Ayurveda. If you missed it, you can listen to it here. In addition to being a nutrition therapy practitioner, Clara is also a self-love guide. What does that mean? She specializes in helping women ditch toxic habits and release self-sabotaging beliefs that keep them stuck. As part of her travels, she's exploring self-love practices and spiritual theories all over the world and compiling the incredible knowledge she's garnering into a book about self-love. Soooo basically, she's a legend and I wanted to let y'all know about a super cool online course she's offering all about self-love....

Through her experience coaching women over the years, Clara has come up with a totally new and revolutionary method for remembering how to love ourselves and overcome the self-sabotaging behavior, unhealthy weight gain and body obsession once and for all. The Revolutionize Your Life online course is the culmination of this experience and knowledge all laid out in sequential order to help you remember how to tune into your body's needs and experience true self-love. Pretty awesome, right? 

Clara is incredibly passionate about teaching, practicing and exploring self-love and I know she has put her heart and soul into creating this online course, so if diving deep into learning how to love yourself speaks to you, check out the course's informational page. Also you might want to act fast as Clara is offering a special price through the end of this week with the coupon code SAVE500 at checkout. 

Woo! #selflove4lyfe