Constant Cravings? Weight Out of Control? Read this!

Incessant cravings and feeling like their weight is out of control are common health concerns that prompt clients to come to my office. Hormone imbalance/dysfunction is often at the root of these issues. Working together, the first thing we do is identify which hormones are out of whack and then take action to reset them. This post is all about the 7 key hormones that play a big role in regulating appetite and managing weight. I include a description of each hormone, clues that something may be amiss as well as simple steps to balance each one. I’ve also specified which lab tests can be useful to determine hormone imbalance or dysfunction. Lucky for us, even though there are a lot of hormones that impact weight, diet and lifestyle are super powerful ways to support your body’s hormonal communication system and get these hormones in balance! Check out the full post by clicking the button below.