Health Hacks to Thrive This Holiday Season

The holiday season doesn't have to be all about gorging, boozing and no sleep. With a little planning, you can keep it fun and healthy without without getting fat and sick!

Here are five of my favorite health hacks to help you thrive, not just survive, this holiday season:

Support your Gut

Make sure you're getting enough probiotics by taking a good quality probiotic supplement and eating fermented foods, such as kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha, before during and after the party season to help support healthy gut function which can get bogged down by all the excess food, particularly sugar!

Stay Hydrated

With all the boozing during the holidays, it’s easy for proper hydration to take a backseat. Start your day with a big mug of warm lemon water and sip on warm or room temperature water throughout the day. Make your water more exciting by flavoring it with fruit and herbs, i.e. strawberries and mint. When you're hungover (probably inevitable), make my Vitamin Water...and check out my hangover cures while you're at it.

Don't Arrive Ravenous

Plan ahead and make sure you've had a nutritious meal or snack before you arrive.  If you can't manage to sneak in a healthy snack (like this protein-packed bliss ball) before hitting the party, drink a glass of water and fill your plate with the healthiest options available. Put your fork down between each bite. If you're hankering for seconds, give yourself 15 minutes and a another glass of water before returning to the chow.

Follow the Principle of 80/20

Eat until you are 80% full so your stomach and digestive enzymes have an opportunity to do their job. How are you supposed to do this? Eat slowly. It takes time for your body to register just how much you have eaten. You can give your brain and your hunger hormones a chance to catch up with your mouth by slowly enjoying your food, slipping in bites between conversations.

Walk it off

After a heavy meal, get the whole gang up and out for some fresh air and exercise. You'll feel better, get the digestive juices flowing and help burn off those mashed potatoes.

Happy Holidays, friends!

Steph x