Warming Cleanse Package

Warming Cleanse Package


This package includes Keenist’s signature Warming Cleanse ebook as well as a box of cleanse goodies mailed directly to you or your gift recipient. The Warming Cleanse digital book is full of warming, nourishing recipes and lifestyle practices that gently detox and rejuvenate your body and mind. Specifically designed as a short 3-day cleanse for the chilly Fall and Winter months – it’s perfect for hitting the reset button post-holidays!

The entire gift package includes:

  • Warming Cleanse ebook

  • 1 Calming Tea — wind down in the evening and sleep soundly

  • 1 Detox Tea — support detoxification of the kidneys, liver, colon and lymphatic system

  • 1 Tea Carafe — easy brewing of your loose-leaf teas

  • 1 Copper Tongue Scraper — cleans the mouth, freshens breath and stimulates metabolism

  • 1 Lavender-infused Bath Salts — soak away tension and encourage gentle detoxification through the skin

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